Your complete compliance solution in one system


A key challenge for organisations is knowing what their obligations are, and what steps they need to take to attain compliance.  This task is made increasing difficult given the pace of regulatory change, and the sheer volume of law and regulations that organisations now face.  

ComplySAFE centralises all of your compliance activities in one place. The system assesses your  organisation type and its activities to present you with a list of legal and regulatory obligations that apply to your organisation. This list is divided into distinct categories and employs a checklist system so you can easily identify what obligations you have complied with, those that are in progress and those that have not yet been started.  

To share the compliance effort, an organisation can  assign system roles to different people within the organisation. System access is limited depending on the role, so data security is never compromised.

garda vetting

If your organisation's activities involve children or vulnerable people, it is required by law to obtain a vetting certification in respect of any person acting on its behalf who may have access to children or vulnerable people. 

Within the ComplySAFE system, the ComplySCREEN module stores a record of your vetting applications to provide a full audit trail of all vetting applications conducted by an organisation. It also monitors which applications have yet to be initiated, completed or renewed, and allows you to set automated reminders to applicants that actions are required.

ComplySAFE Limited may also agree to manage staff and employee vetting on behalf of organisations. Our vetting service is designed to ensure that our customers meet the highest standards of compliance while reducing the administrative time and effort involved, allowing you to focus on core activities.

progress reports

ComplySAFE includes a sophisticated reporting module. The status of each area of compliance is represented byvisual dashboards, and the content of the reports can be adapted to show you the progress of your organisation's compliance effort either at a high level, or by each specific area of compliance.   

The areas of legal and regulatory compliance supported by ComplySAFE include:

  • children and vulnerable persons,

  • data privacy,

  • employment, and

  • health and safety. 

The system also includes specific compliance obligations that your organisation must comply with depending on its activities, for example, childcare, schools and sports clubs. 


For each area of compliance, ComplySAFE includes useful briefings, summaries and guidance to help you understand your legal obligations. The materials support both high level awareness in the form of visual briefings and detailed papers for more in-depth  understanding of relevant requirements.

The system also allows you to assign training materials to some or all members of the organisation, and is flexible enough that you can assign training to all individuals performing particular roles, or to specific individuals. The system then tracks completion rates so that you can evidence your efforts to attain compliance across the organisation.

We also operate a number of social media channels to keep you up-to-date on breaking news  changes in the law, or briefings onemerging best practices.


ComplySAFE acts as a powerful and innovative document repository so that your organisation's documents are stored in one place, giving you peace of mind that important documents can be safely located, even if members of the organisation change over time. As the system is cloud-based, your data moves with you wherever you go, and two-step password authentication means that documents can only be accessed by people in your organisation according to the access rights they have been granted.

The system also includes a wide range of templates and precedents under each area of compliance to help you draft the policies and procedures you need to comply with your legal obligations.

audit trail

A key feature of any compliance program is to ensure that the organisation can provide evidence that it has made reasonable and consistent efforts to achieve compliance with its legal obligations.  

ComplySAFE is designed to support this challenge and provides audit trail functionality, including online registers for recording incidents. In relation to Garda vetting, the system tracks and stores all of your organisation's vetting applications, giving you a full audit trail to evidence your efforts to comply with this mandatory legal requirement. Further, all system changes are recorded so the system tracks who within the organisation granted approval at each stage of the vetting application process.

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