about us

Our mission is to provide easy to use compliance solutions, saving you time to focus on your organisation's goals

Our people hold a range of professional legal, compliance, data protection and IT qualifications, and have a combined working experience of over forty years. Our software development team is dedicated to implementing system enhancements and ensuring that any issues are resolved promptly with a minimum of user disruption.  

Our goal is for the ComplySAFE system to be easy to use, and our commitment to continuous improvement ensures that our content remains up-to-date and relevant. We always welcome customer feedback to learn what new features and tools we can add to  further improve your experience.

why complysafe?

We have many years of experience acting on the boards of both commercial and not-for-profits organisations, from large financial services organisations to community, educational and charitable organisations. We understand the challenge all organisations face in implementing, monitoring and maintaining a fit-for-purpose compliance program. In particular, we understand the impact this has on the organisation's time and resources, which should be focused on achieving the organisation's core objectives. Building upon our expertise and years of industry experience, we designed a powerful compliance solution, called ComplySAFE.

ComplySAFE is made up of two key modules. First, the ComplySCREEN module is designed for organisations whose activities require staff, volunteers or contractors to engage in activities that involve children or vulnerable persons. By law, organisations must ensure that anyone conducting these activities has been vetted in advance by The National Vetting Bureau (a division of An Garda Síochána), and failure to do so is a criminal offence. ComplySCREEN keeps a record of people within your organisation who conduct activities involving children or vulnerable persons, and allows you to monitor the status of their vetting certification to ensure that it is always up to date.

To further support these customers, we also offer Garda vetting services where we manage the vetting of your staff and volunteers on your behalf. We are registered with The National Vetting Bureau to conduct these vetting activities on behalf of organisations, and once you appoint us we will take care of all communications with The National Vetting Bureau on your behalf. 

The second module of our software is ComplyLIST. This module is designed to highlight the primary legal and regulatory obligations that your organisation needs to comply with. ComplyLIST employs a checklist system to easily identify gaps in your compliance effort, and will allow you to generate period reports to display your progress towards full compliance. 

The general areas of compliance covered in the ComplyLIST module include:

  • children and vulnerable persons,

  • data privacy,

  • employment law, and

  • health and safety.

ComplySAFE also includes a range of laws and regulations that apply to specific activities, such as childcare, schools and sporting organisations, giving you peace of mind that all areas of compliance are covered in one place.

The system includes important tools to assist your compliance effort, such as policy templates, guidance notes and online registers, so that best practices are followed at all times.

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