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how we support you

Our system covers areas of law that apply to all organisations (i.e. data privacy, employment law, and health & safety), making ComplySAFE the perfect solution for any organisation that wants to take control of their compliance obligations in a time- and cost- effective way. 

We can also tailor the system to your organisation or activities so that specific industry or sector rules and regulations are applied to your ComplySAFE profile. Our system currently supports laws and regulations relating to childcare, nursing homes, schools and sports clubs.

Customers that use our ComplySCREEN module in connection with Garda vetting services are from commercial and not-for-profit sectors, including:

  • childcare providers,

  • hospital/healthcare/medical,

  • nursing homes,

  • private gym/sports facilities,

  • charities,

  • schools,

  • sports clubs,

  • religious organisations, and

  • community groups. 

“ComplySAFE lets me control all of my compliance work in one system. This is a huge time and cost saver for us. Compliance is now much easier to work through and I can easily see the gaps we still need to work on.”

Director, SME


“Compliance had always been a huge burden for us. It was impossible to keep track of the rules and regulations we had to comply with, and it was a constant worry that we would miss something. ComplySAFE solves all of our compliance headaches and frees up my time so I can focus on my business.”

​​Owner, Creche

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