Garda vetting

If your organisation's activities involve children or vulnerable people, it is required by law to obtain a vetting certification in respect of any person acting on its behalf who may have access to children or vulnerable people. ComplySAFE records your vetting applications to provide a full audit trail of all vetting applications conducted by an organisation


ComplySAFE generates a list of legal and regulatory obligations that apply to your organisation , and this list is divided into distinct categories so you can easily identify what obligations you have complied with, those that are in progress and those that have not yet been started. All your compliance obligations, organised in one place.


ComplySAFE includes a sophisticated reporting module. The status of each area of compliance is displayed on visual dashboards, and the content of the reports can be adapted to show you the progress of your compliance effort either at a high level, or by each specific area of compliance. This way you can focus on any compliance gaps on your path to full compliance.

document Store

ComplySAFE acts as a powerful document repository so that your organisation's documents are stored in one place, giving you peace of mind that important documents can be safely located, even if members of the organisation change over time. As the system is cloud-based, your data moves with you wherever you go.


Our system can be applied to organisations of all types


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